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I did a complete search about adding new fields in Vue.js 3 + Vite + VueGoodTable but it just doesn't work! It appears empty.

I used the codes from guide: and from this

Using the snippet from jsfiddles it only shows this: [![enter image description here][1]][1] [1]:

For the jsfiddle I only changed new Vue with:

    import { VueGoodTable } from 'vue-good-table-next';

    export default({
        components: {

Any ideas?

After extensive search came back to vue-good-table-next guide and changed
<template slot="table-row" slot-scope="props">
<template #table-row="props">

It worked!
I suppose is related tu Vue 3 and the new version of vue-good-table-next.

Sorry for the trouble.

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