How can I get the values after a model has changed? The (change) event does fire before the model change. I do not want to use

<input type="checkbox"  (change)="mychange(event)" [(ngModel)]="mymodel">

public mychange(event)
   console.log(mymodel); // mymodel has the value before the change

That's a known issue. Currently you have to use a workaround like shown in your question.

This is working as intended. When the change event is emitted ngModelChange (the (...) part of [(ngModel)] hasn't updated the bound model yet:

<input type="checkbox"  (ngModelChange)="myModel=$event" [ngModel]="mymodel">

See also

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Günter Zöchbauer

If this helps you,

<input type="checkbox"  (ngModelChange)="mychange($event)" [ngModel]="mymodel">

   console.log(val); // updated value
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Nikhil Shah

This worked for me

  (input)="$ = toSnakeCase($"
  [(ngModel)]="" />

In Typescript

toSnakeCase(value: string) {
  if (value) {
    return value.toLowerCase().replace(/[\W_]+/g, "");
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Use the (ngModelChange) event to detect changes on the model

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