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I seem to be having an issue with changing the font sizes on Material-UI's (for React) RaisedButton and having the button itself scale properly with it.

label={<span className="buttonText">Log in Here</span>}


.buttonText {
    font-size: 63px;

The text size changes but the button itself doesn't scale with it. Does anyone know the proper solution to this? I want to button to scale with the text size.

The problem is Material-UI inlines all of the styles for their components, so if you try to override them with CSS selectors it doesn't usually work quite right. Instead, try overriding whatever inline styles you don't want using the style property directly on the component. It would look something like this:

<RaisedButton style={{ fontSize: '63px' }} label='Log in Here' />

And if it still doesn't look quite right, just inspect all the generated inline styles on that component and see what you'd like to change, then just add that to the style object as well.

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Use the labelStyle prop to override the inline style for the element

    labelStyle={{ fontSize: '63px'}}
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   labelStyle={{ fontSize: 15 }}
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It needs to be added with lineHeight as a style prop for even spacing:

<RaisedButton style={{ lineHeight: "100px" }} label="lineHeight in style" />

Here's a fiddle with all of the different solutions:


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You can use classes props to override the default css styles applied to every material-ui component. You can find out more in this youtube video:

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Use font-size unit as Percent (%) or em. For e.g font-size:12%

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