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First, I have never used lodash.clonedeep before but know JavaScript fairly well.

From my package,json file: "lodash.clonedeep": "4.5.0",

import { cloneDeep } from 'lodash.clonedeep';

editStart(): void {
   this.oldData = cloneDeep(this.currentData);
   this.editing = true;

Error: ERROR TypeError: lodash_clonedeep_1.cloneDeep is not a function

Help very MUCH appreciated since I'm out of options, have read and tried a lot of options. I have a workaround, using several objects, but want to avoid if possible.

Your import statement is incorrect.

You should either import the full library:

import * as _ from 'lodash';
let foo = _.cloneDeep(bar);

Or import just the cloneDeep function:

import * as cloneDeep from 'lodash/cloneDeep';
let foo = cloneDeep(bar);
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My experience on the Angular 7:

When use in src project:

import * as cloneDeep from "lodash/cloneDeep";

When use in library project:

import cloneDeep from "lodash/cloneDeep";

Note: Better import per-module to decrease main module size (the-correct-way-to-import-lodash-libraries-a-benchmark).

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