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I am creating a form by using react and formik.Below is my code:

      email: ""
    onSubmit={(values: FState, setSubmitting: any) => {
      console.log("Enter in submit function", values);
      setTimeout(() => {
        alert(JSON.stringify(values, null, 2));
      }, 500);
    }: any) => (
          <form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
                Enter Your Email Address and we'll send you a link to reset your
              { && ? (
                <div style={{ color: "red" }}>{}</div>
              ) : null}
              <br />
              <button type="submit" disabled={isSubmitting}>
                Send Password Reset Link
                {/* {isSubmitting && <i className="fa fa-sponner fa-spin"/>} */}

In this formik form, onSubmit function not working. I dont know why? Please tell me guys what is problem with my code?

Check your validationSchema. I ran into this problem and found that my validator was returning something that signaled to Formik the form was invalid, but no other warnings or messages were coming up. It just wouldn't submit.

Replace that prop with validator={() => ({})} i.e. just an empty object being returned. That should pass validation and trigger your onSubmit. You can restore your functionality from there.

      email: ""
    onSubmit={() => { console.log("submit!"); }}
    validator={() => ({})}
    {/* */}
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In my case I use Yup as validator and I accidentally had firstName and lastName in my validationSchema as required but I did not have those values in my form.

My validationSchema was,

const SignupSchema = Yup.object().shape({
  firstName: Yup.string()
    .min(2, 'Too Short!')
    .max(50, 'Too Long!')
  lastName: Yup.string()
    .min(2, 'Too Short!')
    .max(50, 'Too Long!')
  email: Yup.string()
    .email('Invalid email')
  password: Yup.string()
    .min(6, 'Password must be at least 6 characters')
    .max(24, 'Password can be maximum 24 characters')

I just deleted firstName and lastName,

const SignupSchema = Yup.object().shape({
  email: Yup.string()
    .email('Invalid email')
  password: Yup.string()
    .min(6, 'Password must be at least 6 characters')
    .max(24, 'Password can be maximum 24 characters')

So check your validationSchema and see if you require something that does not exist in your form.

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Hasan Sefa Ozalp

I imported Form from react-bootstrap instead of formik, so I was having this issue. The issue was solved by importing the Form of formik. Sometimes, directly using Form.Control of react-bootstrap instead of Field of formik also gives this issue.

If you really have to use Form.Control you can use render prop.

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Bhuwan Adhikari

In my case, onSubmit was not working because I forgot to wrap my form in the <form></form> tag. A stupid issue, but it can be the reason for this behavior. If the above solutions don't work, check that you have the form tag.

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Anna Logacheva

A little bit late for the original question but I experienced the same issue and solved it easy but hard to find.

When I passed the "name" prop to the component I had written "DateOfBirth" instead of with lowercase, which means it didn't match my validationSchema.

My schema looks like this:

export const userSchema = yup.object().shape({
firstName: yup.string().min(1).max(50).required('Field is required'), 
lastName: yup.string().min(1).max(50).required('Field is required'), 
dateOfBirth:'Invalid input'),});

This menas the name of the component has to match

Before (Didn't work):

 <DateTimePicker name="DateOfBirth" label="Date of birth" />

After (Worked):

<DateTimePicker name="dateOfBirth" label="Date of birth" />
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I am mentioning one more possibility through which i handled. change the button type and add onClick like this

<Button type="button" onClick={submitForm}>

also add submitForm prop at top along with values, touched etc

 {({ submitForm, errors, handleChange, handleSubmit, touched, values }) => (

now its working

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My mistake was I was not initializing error with blank on validation

 const errors:any={};

Here is full code for login form, check the validate function

     initialValues={{ email: "", password: "" }}
     validate={(formValues) => {
         const errors:any={};
         if (! {
    = "Invalid email";
         if (!formValues.password) {
             errors.password = "Password is required";
         return errors;

     onSubmit={async (values) => {
         console.log("submit", values);
         dispatch(login({ username:, password: values.password }));
         if (loginState.isError) {
 >{({ values, handleChange, errors, dirty, isValid, isSubmitting, handleSubmit, setFieldValue, setFieldTouched, setFieldError }) => (
     <Form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
             <Input type="email" name="email" valid={!isEmpty(} value={} onChange={handleChange}></Input>
             <FormFeedback className="font-weight-bold" type="invalid" role="alert"> {}</FormFeedback>
             <Input type="password" name="password" value={values.password} valid={!isEmpty(errors.password)} onChange={handleChange}></Input>
             <FormFeedback className="font-weight-bold" type="invalid" role="alert"> {errors.password}</FormFeedback>

         <FormGroup className="text-center">
         <p> {isValid === true ? "is valid" : "not valid"} </p>
             <Button type="submit" color="primary" className="mt-3">Login</Button>
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Nishant Kumar Verma

This may be because the form is being submitted and it's is invalid , this may happen because validation schema is not matching ur form for more than one reason ,

in my case , it was because there was a string , and it is been sent as null , so I just added .nullable() to the validation schema for that field.

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rawand deheliah

I solved this because I declared the onsubmit function without the const word (I know it's stupid)

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Farouk Elayache

Use instead of button tag as i worked for me.

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Raja Boddu

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