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I am trying to install and run react-devtools. I am following this guide to do that:

The install seems to go ok:

To verify it installed correctly I do this command:

And I go to that directory and verify there is a folder called react-devtools.

To open the tools the docs indicate I should do this:

Back in my project directory I run this command:

And it says command not found. So it looks like I have installed the devtools, but I am unable to open them. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe this is what you want

Fix not run react-devtools

Option 1:

npm uninstall -g react-devtools
npm uninstall -g electron
npm install -g --verbose react-devtools

Option 2: (Fix in Linux, MacOSX)

sudo npm install -g react-devtools --unsafe-perm=true

Refer: react-devtools-command-not-found

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if you want to run project level only do the following steps

  1. Install using yarn add --dev react-devtools
  2. Run yarn run react-devtools
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Damith Asanka

To run react-devtools you can run either of the following commands depending on your package manager.

If using yarn: yarn run react-devtools

If using npm: npm run react-devtools

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The real problem here is you are not giving "super user" permissions for the node package manager for installing the "react-devtools" globally.

Try this command it will fix your problem

sudo npm install -g react-devtools

When ignore the -g parameter in the command npm will install the react-devtools in directory that you currently working in. In your case the home directory.

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