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I want to create a Websocket based client-server Application. In that I'm created node js websocket server which is waiting for the clients. Now I want to create react js websocket client. I'm using react js as a websocket because I have to render elements continuously which server sends as a simple text message.

I'm struck at implementing the react js as a websocket client. How it should work as a websocket client and how it will send request to the websocket server just like this :


I want to know more about websocket client and also want to solve this issue?

So a very basic example without much overhead would require two things:

  1. a component with a reference to websocket connection

  2. an event listener on the connection that updates the state of the component when a message arrives

Demo (2019):

class Echo extends React.Component {
    this.state = { messages : [] }

    // this is an "echo" websocket service
    this.connection = new WebSocket('wss://');
    // listen to onmessage event
    this.connection.onmessage = evt => { 
      // add the new message to state
        messages : this.state.messages.concat([ ])

    // for testing purposes: sending to the echo service which will send it back back
    setInterval( _ =>{
        this.connection.send( Math.random() )
    }, 2000 )

  render() {
    // slice(-5) gives us the five most recent messages
    return <ul>{ this.state.messages.slice(-5).map( (msg, idx) => <li key={'msg-' + idx }>{ msg }</li> )}</ul>;
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Just create rest program from server side and create the connection at a Web page.

var connection = new WebSocket('ws://localhost/echo', ['soap', 'xmpp']);

opening the connection 
connection.onopen = function () {
  connection.send('Ping'); // 

connection.onerror = function (error) {
  console.log('WebSocket Error ' + error);

//to receive the message from server
connection.onmessage = function (e) {
  console.log('Server: ' +;

// Sending String  
connection.send('your message');

At server side you will get session and message, So you can do communication with N sessions.

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Vinayak Shedgeri

In your react Project folder in App.js add a websocket connection & listen for the messages coming from the websocket server.

class App extends React.Component{

  //initialize connection
   const ws = new WebSocket(this.state.endpoint)
    ws.onopen = () =>{
     //send any msg from Client if needed
   //save whatever response from client
    ws.onmessage = evt =>{


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I leave here a Functional Example (all of the above are Objects...)

const client = new WebSocket(ws://
const [cottonPrice, setCottonPrice] = useState(0)

useEffect(() => {
    client.onopen = () => {
        client.send('{"topic": "subscribe", "to": "newPrices"}')

    client.onmessage = (message) => {
        if ( {
            const parsedData = JSON.parse(


    return () => {
}, [])
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Ari Waisberg

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