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I have one piece of middleware already plugged in, redux-thunk, and I'd like to add another, redux-logger.

How do I configure it so my app uses both pieces of middleware? I tried passing in an array of [ReduxThunk, logger] but that didn't work.


import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { Provider } from 'react-redux';
import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
import ReduxThunk from 'redux-thunk';
import logger from 'redux-logger';

import App from './components/app';
import reducers from './reducers';

const createStoreWithMiddleware = applyMiddleware(ReduxThunk)(createStore);

  <Provider store={createStoreWithMiddleware(reducers)}>
    <App />

applyMiddleware takes each piece of middleware as a new argument (not an array). So just pass in each piece of middleware you'd like.

const createStoreWithMiddleware = applyMiddleware(ReduxThunk, logger)(createStore);
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Andy Noelker

answer of andy's is good, but, consider your middlewares growing, below codes will be better:

const middlewares = [ReduxThunk, logger]
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chen Jacky

applyMiddleware should pass into createStore as the second parameter. applyMiddleware can have multiple middlewares as arguments.

const store = createStore(reducers, applyMiddleware(ReduxThunk, logger));

  <Provider store={store}>
    <App />
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Tharaka Wijebandara

This is how to apply one or many middlewares :

import {createStore, applyMiddleware} from 'redux';
import thunk from 'redux-thunk';
import logger from 'redux-logger';
import {rootReducer} from "../reducers"; // Import your combined reducers ;)

const middleWares = [thunk, logger]; // Put the list of third part plugins in an array 

// Create the store with the applied middleWares and export it
export const store = createStore(rootReducer, applyMiddleware(...middleWares));

Now import the store exported recently in your index.js and pass it to the Provider component. Your index.js file should looks like :

... ...

import {Provider} from 'react-redux';
import {store} from './store';

    <Provider store={store}>
        <App />

That's all !

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Mustapha GHLISSI

it may be a bit late of an answer but my problem was adding the devtools with the middlewares, hope this helps somebody

 // imports.. 
 import { composeWithDevTools } from "redux-devtools-extension";

  const store = createStore(
    composeWithDevTools(applyMiddleware(ReduxThunk, promiseMiddleware))
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Harvester Haidar

You can simply pass the middlewares in the comma separated manner like the following code:

const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(thunk, logger));

Note: Please import the applyMiddlware, thunk, and logger at the top.

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Mohd Nowman

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