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I want to check with jest if the following svg path element contains the attribute d
<path id="TrendLine" fill="none" stroke="black" d="M170,28.76363636363638C170,28.76363636363638,221.46221083573664,189.150059910"></path> How do I use jest to search for specific attribute in an element?

You can use enzyme's shallow method to render your component and then to check the props on the path element:

// at the top of your test file file:
import { shallow } from 'enzyme';


it('should render path element with the expected d attribute', () => {
  // shallowly render your component:
  const wrapper = shallow(<Component />);

  // find the path element using a css selector
  const trendline = wrapper.find('path#TrendLine');

  // make assertion
  expect(trendline.props()).toHaveProperty('d', 'M170,28.76363636363638C170,28.76363636363638,221.46221083573664,189.150059910');
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