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I have a react application that works fine locally. However after I deploy to Azure Web App I get following error in console: 404 (Not Found)

I can see the purpose is when people install the app on a mobile, then REACT renders differently dependent on the devise. I can also see it is located in the index.html file:

<link rel="manifest" href="%PUBLIC_URL%/manifest.json" />

As my app is a web site does this file has any effect? Can I just delete it or should I try to solve the error? And if yes how?

Are you using create-react-app?

The manifest makes only sense when you want that your users can install your app so it works without an internet connection e.g. Thats in the end a Progressive Web App. So for you it's probably fine to just remove the line.

(under which path does your app serve? Maybe you have to specify a base path:

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Max Schmitt

have you tried this?

go to angular.json

add manifest.json location in assets

"assets": [

restart dev server using ng serve

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For production apps, you have to target build for the public in firebase.json like the following:

  "hosting": {
    "public": "build", // Here you have to make changes.
    "ignore": [
    "rewrites": [
       "source": "**",
       "destination": "/index.html"
    "headers": [
     {"source": "/service-worker.js", "headers": [{"key": "Cache-Control", "value": "no-cache"}]}
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Fahry Mohammed

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