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I am trying to set a Route path with a query string. Something in the lines of:

I would than transition to the "Results" component like so:

<Route path="/" component={Main}>
  <IndexRoute component={Home} />
  <Route path="results?query1=:query1&query2=:query2&query3=:query3"
    component={SearchResults} />

In the SearchResults container I would like to be able to have access do query1, query2 and query3 params.

I have not been able to make it work. I get the following error:

bundle.js:22627 Warning: [react-router] Location "/results?query1=1&query2=2&query3=3" did not match any routes

I tried following the steps in the following guide: (Section: What about query string parameters?)

Can I get some help here?

If you are using React Router v2.xx, you can access the query parameters via the location.query object passed in to your Route component.

In other words, you could rework your route to look like the following:

<Route path="results" component={SearchResults} />

And then inside your SearchResults component, use this.props.location.query.query1 (similar for query2 and query3) to access the query parameter values.

EDIT: This is still the case for React Router v3.xx.

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Jon Rubins

If you're using React Router >= v4 location.query is not available anymore. You can plug-in an external library (like, or use something like this:

const search =; // could be '?foo=bar'
const params = new URLSearchParams(search);
const foo = params.get('foo'); // bar

(just keep in mind that URLSearchParams() is not supported by Internet Explorer)

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