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I have a basic <img> with a src.

<img src={src} />

If I change the src from say /1.jpg to /2.jpg and the new image takes 1 second to load, React will continue to show /1.jpg until the new image is loaded.

What I want is for the old image to be discarded while the new image is being loaded. (e.g. display: none)

Any idea how to accomplish this? Ideally without conditional rendering, because I still need to use onLoad and onError

EDIT: Here's some more code. It's a little more complicated than my question, but I'm just trying to add some loading and error state to the image.

I have a button that calls this onClick

this.props.history.push('/${page + 1}');

This is the image component, where src is based on the page from the URL.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import CenteredLoading from 'components/loading/CenteredLoading';

type Props = { src: string };

type State = {
  status: 'LOADING' | 'LOADED' | 'FAILED',

class ImageWithLoader extends Component<Props, State> {
  state = {
    status: 'LOADING',

  handleImageLoad = () => {
    this.setState({ status: 'LOADED' });
    console.error('image loaded');

  handleImageError = () => {
    this.setState({ status: 'FAILED' });
    console.error('image error');

  render() {
    const { src, ...otherProps } = this.props;
    const { status } = this.state;

    return (

        {status === 'LOADING' && <CenteredLoading />}
        {status === 'FAILED' && <p>error</p>}

export default ImageWithLoader;

Just add key attribute to your image tag and assign some unique value to key attribute like image source.

<img src={image_source} key={image_source}></img>
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Jahid Hasan

Made my own workaround.

I believe because react isn't mounting a new component (i.e. <img>), it's not going to update to the new image until it's finished loading.

What I did was check if the src changed in componentDidUpdate and change the status to LOADING. Then I set img style to display: none while its status was LOADING.

EDIT: Also, by manually setting my own key, I can force React to re-render the <img>

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