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I am writing a SPA using create-react-app and am using an expressjs server as my backend. For development I run my frontend test server on port 3000 and my backend expressjs test server on 3003.

I make many API calls client side using Axios so for development convenience I have defined proxy: "http://localhost:3003" in my package.json

This works fine on my laptop, but when running on my workstation I constantly get the error when accessing my app:

Proxy error: Could not proxy request /sockjs-node/487/wrst1bub/websocket from localhost:3000 to http://localhost:3003/. See for more information (ECONNRESET).

I have no idea where this is coming from and I do not use sockjs in any capacity as far as I know. This is a console error and it does not crash my app but it is very annoying and I would like to get rid of it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

In my case, I was using Firefox and for some reasons, it gives me the same error. I tried to use Chrome and it worked!

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