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I am working with react js and found a weird issue on radio button onChange event binding. My page opens a popup on button click where a new component bind inside that popup. In this new component I have created 2 radio buttons and on change of that radio buttons I'm hide/show div. below is my code.

 class component1 extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      showComponent: true
  handleChange = () => {
      showComponent: !this.state.showComponent,
  render() {
    <input type='radio' name='a' onChange={self.handleChange} defaultChecked/>
    <input type='radio' name='a' onChange={self.handleChange}/>
     {this.state.showComponent && (<div>Hide or show based on state change</div>)}

When I open the popup for the first time it works fine. Perhaps its behavior change after submitting form and popup close. When next time I open popup without parent page refresh, on first change of radio button it does not call handleChange function. And from the second click it just works fine.

I think, onSubmit I have called form.reset() function on successful submission of form, which is creating problem. But i don't understand how to resolve this issue.

<input type='radio' name='a' onChange={this.handleChange} checked={!this.state.showComponent} />
<input type='radio' name='a' onChange={this.handleChange} checked={this.state.showComponent}/>

this will work find in a controlled way as opposed to reliance on event and defaultChecked

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