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Here is the code where I have included spread operator

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What things do I need to install or add to make it run?

And also what is its equivalent in es2015?

You need to configure Babel to use the transform-object-rest-spread plugin. Refer to the following link for details:

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You are missing one babel preset, stage-0

npm install --save-dev babel-preset-stage-0

if you have .bablerc file add following to it.

    "es2015", "react", "stage-0"

Or added to webpack config in loader.

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James Norman

I had the same problem, and the fix I found was to add experimentalObjectRestSpread to the ecmaFeatures setting in .eslintrc:

"parserOptions": {
  "ecmaVersion": 6,
  "sourceType": "module",
  "ecmaFeatures": {
     "jsx": true,
     "experimentalObjectRestSpread": true
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