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I have task to create video chat which will allow to communicate two people witch each other. My architecture of application is: front-end Angular 2/typescript, backend: java, spring boot (and submodules). Everything works fine but I've got problem with understanding how to make video streaming. I was looking for any framework to do it but I've failed. As I understand WebSocket doesn't help me in this task and it's no appropriate to use it. Also as I understand Spring doesn't have any tool to solve the task. Is it really that I have to create streaming via clean UDP which exists in java or maybe there is another way, any framework which gives more higher interfaces for the task?

The magic keyword here is "WebRTC", which is the browser support to support Audio and Video Real Time Communication for Web.

Basicly the communication is happening peer 2 peer between the browsers of your users. The only thing your application is responsible of, is the exchange the peer data for your clients.

Based on that, check out this project called NextRTC for a reference.

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