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I have a map() and I want to pass two parameters:

  1. a string
  2. a function

Example code:

{, totalWorkflow()) => {
    return <WorkflowSingle key={ workflow } workflow={ workflow } />

Why do I get this error: SyntaxError: Assigning to rvalue

You get rvalue error, when you use = instead of == in a condition checking block.

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Ignatius Andrew

If your map function is the function, you passed wrong parameters to the function, map accepts callback and second optional parameter, like this:[, thisArg])

For your case: {
    return <WorkflowSingle key = { x.workflow } workflow = { x.workflow } />
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For those who came here getting this eslint error in a new project with completely valid code - you need to provide the config to eslint, e.g.:

    "parserOptions": {
        "ecmaVersion": 2017
    "env": {
        "es6": true
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Look at your comparison operator. They are in the wrong direction (=>). Put the equal to sign always at the right and your less or greater than always at the left of your assignment operator(>=)

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Olutobi Olusesi

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